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This website promotes:

(1) the glorious Gospel that
Jesus the Messiah preached, namely, "THE GOSPEL ABOUT
(2) the truth of "WHO JESUS IS" in relation to the ONE GOD
of the Scriptures,

My hope is to help seekers of truth and believers in Christ grasp the original message and understanding of what Christ and his Apostles preached and taught.

That is ...

There is solely ONE GOD,

Jesus of Nazareth, is the Promised Messiah, the King of Israel, the Prophet spoken of by Moses, the Son of the ONE GOD, the Father.

Messiah Jesus was commissioned by GOD his Father, to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD

[Luke 4.43]

Jesus died for our sins. His sacrifice ratified the Kingdom covenant with his blood.

Repentance and Forgiveness are 'conditional' upon the acceptance of the preaching of the Kingdom of GOD by Jesus. Salvation in the words of Jesus is always dependent on an understanding and reception by the mind, of the truth about the Kingdom of GOD,
as Jesus preached it.

The Abrahamic Faith

The Christian faith is called
“the faith of Abraham”
(Romans 4:16), and Abraham is the spiritual father of the faithful (Romans 4:11).

No wonder then that the Gospel was preached in advance to Abraham (Galatians 3:8).

This in short is the Gospel of the Land/Kingdom, the Gospel as preached by Jesus and Paul
(Mark 1:14-15; Luke 4:43;
Acts 19:8; 20:24-25; 28:23, 31)




The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the “God and Father of our lord Jesus Christ.”

Jesus, the Son of God, is the perfect human reflection of the One God, his Father. Jesus is the sinless second Adam and the "prophet to be raised up from the house of Israel" (Deuteronomy. 18:15-18). 


Gospel of the Kingdom


The key to our personal future and that of humanity at large is found in Jesus' Gospel Message about the Kingdom of God.
This is simply the Message of the Good News that God, through  His Son and Agent,
Jesus the Christ, the promised Messiah, intends to establish just government and universal peace on earth and to grant immortality to those who love Him.


Life After Death!


“In the New Testament, the point around which hope and interest revolve is not the moment of death at all, but the day of the appearance of Christ in the glory of his Kingdom…
The centre of interest and expectation continued right through the New Testament to be focused upon the Son of Man and the triumph of his Kingdom in a renovated earth.


According to Jesus, God is strictly one Person. Jesus the supreme revealer of truth, uttered in a final prayer. "You, Father, are the only true God."He defined salvation as belief in that One and only true God, and in himself as the Messiah (John 17:3).



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